Who we are

Dave is an electrical engineer who retired from City Utilities of Springfield (February, 2006), a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering graduate of Clarkson College ’71 (New York). He is also a computer tinkerer, plays with networking and UNIX (Ubuntu on a older laptop), owns an Explorer-85 S-100 8085 computer, a couple of Kaypros, and boasts a low ICQ #211334. He is also an extra class ham radio operator with the call sign NE0B, first licensed in 1961 at the tender age of 12. Dave speaks German, enough Italian to survive in Sicily, (and a little Ozarkian too). He is a World of Warcraft regular with eight level 85 characters. Dave bicycles through the Ozarks on a recumbent and is currently president of the Springbike Bicycle Club. Check out our bicycling page. He’s also an active computer gamer, but not quite as good as he once was. Here’s his World of Warcraft page. Professionally, he serves on the Southwest Power Pool Regional [Reliability] Entity Board of Trustees which keeps his brain from turning completely to mush.

Mary is a professional volunteer honored as the “Springfield Volunteer of the Year in Education” in 2000. She has been president of every local PTA she ever belonged to and is a past-Treasurer of the Missouri State PTA and current President of the Springfield Council. Mary is a great cook and recently placed third in the Ozark Empire Fair BBQ Chicken cook-off. She has a Bachelors degree in Music from the State University of New York College at Potsdam and an Masters of Arts from Hofstra University. She is a Past-President of the Springfield Regional Opera (SRO) Guild and is currently on the SRO Board of Directors.

Danielle earned her M.D. from the University of Kansas Medical School in May of 2005. She is an avid bicyclist and runner who has conquered the MS-150 several times. She is also hooked on salt-water fish and coral. Danielle (Dr. “D”) did her residency in Emergency Medicine at the Orlando Regional Medical Center. She now tends to the sick and injured as an ER-Doc at Winter Haven Hospital in Florida.

Linda graduated from the University of Missouri majoring in cello performance. She added her MBA from Mizzou in December, 2005. She is a Financial Analyst with Sprint in Overland Park, Kansas (Kansas City). She married Dave Meyer from Olathe, Kansas City; they are the hard core cyclists of the family. Linda became an Ironwoman in the Summer of 2011 finishing the Madison Ironman in 14 hours, 11 minutes. In 2011 she conquered the Louisville Ironman. What’s next, flying?

Andrew is 11 minutes older than Anthony. Can you tell Andrew from Anthony? Click here to see. These two are now terrorizing Columbia, Missouri disguised as University of Missouri students. Andrew graduated with a B.A. in Psychology (and is now working on Pharmacy/Law ?), while Anthony majors in English and will recite poems to you endlessly. (So you think there’s more college in their futures?) They both still play indoor soccer and Ultimate Frisbee to keep in shape. When not playing, they're making pizza at Shakespeare's. Anthony finally graduated with a B.A. in English in 2011. (Will he ever be Dr. Anthony?)

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