Pet's Page

Scruffy the cat was our purring mouser, rescued when an old neighbor moved away. She was a great hunter. We lost her in 2004. Well, fate delivered a new kitty to us a few months later. Worf arrived, abandoned in a grocery sack all of about two months old. He's hard to keep up with!

     Worf in a bag  Worf, you're not seeing double - it's Kern, Worf's brother...both

Sergio the Orange Winged Amazon Parrot is a loveable, demanding, screeching bird who sings Opera (well sort of). Unlike Sergio, Siegfried the little budgie would bite you rather than sit on you.


We lost Siegfried several years ago. He outlived most of the typical expectancies one hears for his type.
Frankly I wouldn’t recommend Budgies. They’re nasty, and they bite!


Sergio singing ...and as a mechanic.

Unfortunately, Linda’s Yellow Labrador Grace (that were were temporarily keeping) and Sergio were mutually exclusive. That’s a nice way of saying that Grace is still around and Sergio isn’t. Grace is now back with Linda in Kansas.