Our vegetable garden is in the back yard behind the greenhouse. The native soil is clayish with lots of broken limestone - not the best for growing veggies. We also have to contend with tall cherry, ash, black walnut, oaks, and a southern magnolia that are a lot bigger than they were 30 years ago when we started up the garden. We have raised the bed a bit with a single row of railroad ties and used the mass of leaves we get every year from the deciduous trees, kitchen waste, and grass clippings to compost as much as we can.

Garden with mulch  We use lots of mulch to maintain soil moisture

A young Danielle 'pickin A young Danielle 'pickin peas


daikon radish  You can grow root crops in the Ozarks - it just takes some creativity. A Daikon radish

Carrot - Purple Dragon Purple Dragon Carrot

The Carrot "Pipe" Growing long carrots in a PVC Pipe

Yum We're not the only ones who love tomatoes

... more to come