Genealogy is Dave's latest fling (thanks to daughter Danielle who just happened to do some snooping at Ellis Island on a recent NY City trip. This site will include family history, and details of our family tree that you can find on It includes Mary's O'Buckley and mother's roots (back into the 1500's!) and Dave's Christiano and mothers roots. Stay tuned for more information. Unfortunately we got started too late. If you're reading this, don't wait until your grandparents (or heaven forbid your parents) are dead before asking them about your family history. Once they're gone it's too late.

Nevertheless, with the internet resources available today, one can discover a lot about one's roots. Mary's family, fortunately, was into genealogy long ago. The Christiano side began only in 2009 when Danielle visited Ellis Island on a trip to New York. Dave finally made it to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island in 2011 (despite living in the New York City Metro area for 26 years.)

Mary's Family

Father - Donal (Pat) O'Buckley
Mother - Evelyn

Dave's Family

Father - Sam Christiano
Mother - Sophie

Here's our Family History (narrative) Page.

See what our family tree looks like...

...lot's more to come...