The Family Tree

Here is an initial view at the tree we've built on Where you see "+Add Father" or "+Add Mother" it means we don't have enough (or any) information on that particular parent. For now we're hiding our mother's maiden names since these are sometimes used as a "Hint Question" by websites when you've forgotten a username or password. If you think our family trees might coincide, please send me an email. I'll respond promptly.

Ladies First - here what Mary's tree looks like going back four generations... (Those little "leaves" you see suggest that Ancestry has a "Hint" on data for this person or a contact to another user who is also researching this person.)
 Mary's tree

 Here's Dave's tree going back the same number (but in his case it's about all there is - also, no "leaves" to help!)... Dave's Tree

 Now - to show you just how far Mary's tree goes back look at this next branch... Mary's tree way back

and now the coup de grace, showing her lineage back from the famous Major General Humphrey Atherton... Mary's tree so far back I loose track

 Note Richard Atherton, on the far right, was born in North Moels, Lancashire, England in 1485!

To see Mary's entire tree in all its immensity (at least the longest we know of the many branches),
have a look at the experimental Super-Zoom family tree here.

 Hopefully Dave will catch up! (Not likely...)