Our Honeymoon

Mary and Dave were married in Johnson City, NY on June 17, 1972. Following the ceremony they headed to the Christiano home in Hicksville (Long Island). There were monumental things that went on that night - oh, I'm referring to the break-in at the Watergate which eventually led to the resignation of President Richard Nixon. Yes it happened that very night.

Shortly thereafter, they were on a plane to Rome.

Rome - it's hot!

Stayed in the outskirts.

Car Rental (Fiat 127 - not the best)

The little yellow fiat 127


Oil light comes on on the Autostrada

Learned about flashing headlights behind you



Bernini's Bronze Doors, Baptistry, Florence  
Bernini's Bronze Doors, Baptistry, Florence



The Italian Army still uses mules

The "I" incident



Strauss and Brahms graves
Graves of Johann Strauss and Johannes Brahms

Mary at a fountain in Schonbrunn
Mary at a fountain in Schonbrunn

Fun in Grinzing



Mittenwald Area

At the Zugspitze, highest point in Germany

Swiss Alps

Col du Grand St. Bernard

French Alps

Side trip over Col d'Iseran


Col de la Madelaine
Col de La Madelene

The French can be friendly

Funny French Driver incident returning to Italy

The "Original" Motel Six and the mosquitos