World of Warcraft

Dave's gaming goes way back to the original Atari and Nintendo platforms. Andrew and Anthony were both talented gamers and got to play many free games at the mall defeating the older players frequently. They all played the originals like "Space Invaders," "Missile Command," "Pac Man," and "Donkey Kong." Dave has been playing WOW since January of 2005. He started with the Blizzard games Diablo, Warcraft, and Starcraft. After getting his main character to level 60, he became bored and retired. The "scroll of resurrection" free trial to "The Burning Crusade" reeled him back in.

As of March, 2011 he has eight level 85 characters (and, of course two bank toons.)

MostlydeadHere's an older screenshot of his 80's, the female rouge "Mostlydead" a play on words and reference to a great line in the movie "The Princess Bride." She's decked out in full epics and the daggers have the Berserker enchant, of course.
And here's his male Troll Holy Priest "Oldgeezer,"
a healer on a Black War Mammoth
Oldgeezer on his Black War Mammoth
Acaulis at 85 Update 1: Here is Dave's original toon Acaulis, an 85 Arcane Mage decked out in Tier 6 Transmog Gear.
Update 2: And here is 85 Survival Hunter Calamityjane in Tier 3 recolor transmog gear
(except for the Tier 13
shoulders which are pretty cool).

While not a highly talented player, he runs heroics regularly and raids occasionally with his awesome guild "The Crimson Blade" on the Uther server. He has all the professions nearly maxed and multiple herbalists, miners, and skinners. He farms lots of mats and makes lots of gold (current total over 90,000).