After the crash...

 Here’s what’s left of my dear Trek 2500... 
its carbon fiber frame was shattered.
Looks like I visited the wrong side of town after midnight...
four teeth broken off. (Yes I was wearing a helmet!)
Torn MCL and broken 5th metacarpal on my left hand...and some of the road rash
(and underlying deep vein thrombosis)...
...and the external fixator. (It really didn’t hurt!)...and the view from “inside.”
Although I estimated my speed
at about 25 mph, the Cateye computer
disagreed. As you can see it “remembered”
my maximum speed as 187.4 mph!
(I guess it took a lick too.) Even though it's wires
were ripped off it is still working.

Don't ever ride anywhere without a helmet. It probably saved my life.